Water Cooled Brakes from WPT

Water Cooled Brakes (WCB) are designed for constant slip and severe high heat braking applications. The brakes are air actuated and cooled using a continuous flow of coolant from either a closed or open loop cooling system. The airtube is corrosion resistant and no special coatings or treatments are required.

WCB brakes are specifically designed for applications in which large thermal loads must be dissipated. Typical applications examples include Dynamometers, forestry / logging equipment, anchor handling and towing winches, mooring winch systems, petroleum drilling equipment and tension brakes.

Industrial Clutch Parts have a comprehensive range of Water Cooled Brakes to meet every requirement.

To ensure you select the correct air actuated water cooled brake for your requirements, please contact our technical support team on sales@industrialclutch.com

Air Applied Water Cooled Brakes 

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