Electromagnetic Tooth Clutch (Backlash Free) ETC/BF

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Electromagnetic Tooth Clutch (Backlash Free) ETC/BF

Electromagnetic Tooth Clutch (Backlash Free) ETC/BF

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Clutch with diaphragm-armature plate.

For oil and dry operation, coil voltage 24 V DC.

  • With point shaped, backlash-free and hardened tooth profile. 
  • With torsionally stiff, axially flexible spring steel diaphragm. 
  • Type with tooth angle 35° for high torque transmission. 
  • Suited for disengagement under torque load.
  • With locking ring for zero-backlash drive systems. 
  • Applicable for horizontal and vertical mounting. 


Versions Available:

  • 00 with keyway, without position indicator.
  • 01 with keyway, with position indicator.
  • 10 with locking ring, without position indicator.
  • 11 with locking ring and position indicator. 


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