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ICP HAB-2 range such us our 75 versions are an active brakes in a Rotor design serving for generating a brake force on a brake disk in order to decelerate its rotation or stop it, respectively, or keep it at standstill.
HAB consist in two independent caliper halves with opposite hydraulic cylinders. HAB-2-75 is suitable for horizontal and vertical brake discs under any angular displacement.
2 different configurations for pressure port are available either on the side or on the top of the brake.

Main features:

  • -Brake hydraulically applied.
  • -Quick response and braking time.
  • -Braking noise reduction with our design.
  • -Compact and robust construction and design.
  • -Easy maintenance.
  • -Organic, asbestos free lining.
  • -Stainless steel piston.
  • -Long service life.

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