ETP Classic R from Lenze Ltd

Available for: shafts 15 to 50mm.

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ETP Classic R from Lenze Ltd

ETP Classic R from Lenze Ltd

Available for: shafts 15 to 50mm.

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Corrosion-resistant locking bush Meeting the demand from the food & process industries, the ETP-CLASSIC is constructed in stainless steel. It is available for shafts 15 to 50mm.


ETP-CLASSIC type R is assembled in the same way as the standard ETP-CLASSIC, but is made from stainless steel. The type R has rust-free hexagon screws, which can be more easily cleaned - which is for example important when being used on machines in the food industry.


ETP-CLASSIC type R is the same as the standard ETP-CLASSIC with the following exceptions: Due to the use of rust-free screws, more retaining screws are required . The transmittable torque is lower.


ETP-CLASSIC type R has the same functional properties as ETP-CLASSIC. As the pressure builds up by tightening the screws, fine adjustment, etc. is possible. All parts are made from stainless steel. This requirement is becoming increasingly common In the food industry.    


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