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Gummi Rotorseals

Gummi Rotorseals

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Gummi manufactured and supplied rotorseals are specially crafted mechanical elements which can transfer various mediums (hydraulic fluid, air, steam) from a stationary source, such a pneumatic air tank, to a rotating piece of equipment.

Since most pneumatic drum and disc clutches operate through the shaft air supply, our full line of rotorseals cover a majority of the clutch and brake applications, regardless of industry.

Gummi manufactured and supplied rotorseals allow the passage of a variety of mediums, ranging from pressurized air to hydraulic fluids, originating from a stationary inlet at a rotating shaft end. Gummi manufactures the twelve most common sizes and styles of rotorseals used in the industry today. They are available in single, dual and triple passage configurations.

In addition to Gummi branded rotorseals, we also maintain a substantial stock of original Deublin® manufactured rotary unions, comprising one of the most diverse inventories of rotorseals available.


  • Configuration: Single, Dual and Triple Passage
  • Industry Applications: Marine, Oilfield, Mining, Pulp Paper, Textile, Can Making, Sugar Processing, Commercial Washing Machine
  • Also Known As: Rotary Swivels, Rotating Unions, Rotary Couplings, Rotary Joint

The Gummi Rotorseal is a rotary joint that allows the transfer of gases or liquids under pressure or vacuum into and out of the open or exposed end of a rotating shaft or body. It is primarily designed to transport compressed air or hydraulic fluid to control the clutches or brakes at starting.

Other applications include the transfer of cutting fluid to machine tools, lubrication of different elements such as shaft mounted components and for the circulation of water or oil for cooling systems. The rotating seal is made by non-metallic ring, held on the end of the shaft by the force of a light spring. The sealant ring is specifically designed so that the pressure by the media acts on both ends, which reduces the force on the sealing surface.
This results in ample protection against leakage and compensates for wear on the seal. Ball bearings are used
between the stationary and the moving part to provide rigid ness to the assembly and to reduce the running torque.

The Gummi Rotorseals are available in single, double and triple passage, in various sizes and models in order to fulfill a variety of requirements. The Gummi Rotorseals with a single passage, when used in a pneumatic installation can be provided with a quick release valve at the inlet port to assure a rapid exhaust.

In the majority of the cases the Gummi Rotorseals must be mounted at the end of a shaft. It is very important that axis of the rotorseal rotation be concentric between with the axis of the rotating member's axis to avoid and minimize wobble.

Rotorseals are available in single, double and triple passage, in various sizes and models to fulfill a variety of requirements.



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