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Industrial Clutch Parts successfully delivered a WPT Mechanical Power Take Off unit which was installed on a Cummins Engine.

The mechanical power take-off consists of a lever actuated clutch with a shaft and bearings mounted in a rigid cast housing. The mechanical pto clutch is designed for inline and sideload applications on all internal combustion engines. Please click here to view more information.

PTO Temperature

PTO temperature affected by operating duty, correct adjustment / maintenance and ambient conditions.


  • When outer body temperature exceeds 90°C
  • When bearing housing looks discoloured
  • Note: At 60°C its not possible to leave hand on PTO body for more than a few seconds


  • Excessive grease in bearing housing
  • Little or no grease in bearing housing
  • Clutch is out of adjustment
  • Bearing end play incorrectly set
  • PTO not suitable for application or improperly installed


  • Refer to installation manual for correct maintenance schedule
  • Check PTO suitability for application requirements

Power Take Off Clutch 

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WPT Manual PTO Clutch

Torque range 232Nm to 8765Nm SAE 0 to SAE 6 Click for info

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