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When a large marine winch manufacturer needed a fast delivery of water-cooled brakes and clutches for an anchor-handling winch project on an offshore oil and gas rig they called UK clutch and brake specialists Industrial Clutch Parts.

Tension control of the anchor cables is critical to rig stability in the swell of the ocean, with dependable brakes and clutches key to winch performance in a typically harsh environment.

After discussions with the technical engineering department, Industrial Clutch Parts pledged to deliver a batch of 24in WPT Power water-cooled clutches (WCC) within a very small delivery window in the rig build programme.

Since the first batch of storage winches were located in the bottom structure of the rig, they needed to be installed at the start of the construction programme before the decks above were permanently welded closed.

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WPT Marine Applications

We strive to give our customers a complete, end-to-end, experience. This case study serves to illustrate the commitment we have to our customers.

A customer in Turkey had two vessels on which they reported problems with their Power Take Off Clutches (PTO’s). On one vessel, they had concerns about the condition of the port side clutch, in particular, and were also worried the starboard clutch may also be suffering. Whilst there were no reported problems with the second vessel, ICP committed to checking the clutches on both vessels too.

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