Locking Assembly manual - TollokFounded in 1979, Tollok SpA initially concentrated on cone clamping elements. Today Tollok is one of the most successful manufacturers of locking assemblies with a wide range of standard types available.

As stocking distributors for the full range of Tollok locking assemblies, with short lead times available, Industrial Clutch Parts can find the right solution for all torques and requirements.

The Tollok factory is highly automated and the high quality is maintained by each robot group and flexible machining centre that control each manufactured part to a high degree of accuracy.

Specialist advice by experienced engineers provides with a fast and high efficient solution to world-wide application problems. Tollok designs its product by using the finite elements analysis tool to assure the best design of products that can handle the toughest applications for both self-centering and not self-centering applications.

The Tollok technical department is equipped with the latest CAD equipment and programmes for finished element calculations and is able to suggest the most efficient standard or tailor-made elements.

For advice on any of the Tollok range of locking assemblies, rigid couplings, standard shrink discs or special applications, light or heavy shrink discs, contact one of our technical sales team at sales@icpltd.co.uk


There are 12 products.
The Tollok TLK200 is a non self-centering locking assembly. Shafts are available from 20-900mm, Torques up to 1650000Nm.
The Tollok TLK 400 is a heavy duty, self-centering locking assembly. Shafts are available from 45-600mm. Torques up to 1695000Nm.
The Tollok TLK110 is a self-centering locking assembly which allows the use of small diameter hubs. Shafts are available from 6-130mm. Torques up to 25000Nm.
The Tollok TLK130 & TLK131 are self-centering with low surface pressure. Shafts are available from 20-180mm. Torques up to 66000Nm.
The Tollok TLK132 & TLK133 are self-centering locking assemblies with medium - high torque. Torques up to 66000Nm.
The Tollok TLK134 is a self-centering locking assembly which has variable bores with fixed OD. Shafts available from 14-50mm. Torques up to 1830Nm.
The Tollok TLK250 is a non self-centering locking assembly and the TLK250L is self-centering. Shafts are available from 14-70mm. Torques up to 1360Nm.
The Tollok TLK300 is a non self-centering locking assembly with a user specified pressure flange. Shafts available from 6-540mm. Torques up to 400000Nm.
The Tollok TLK450 is a self-centering, economical heavy duty locking assembly. Shafts are available from 25-100mm. Torques up to 28800Nm.
The Tollok TLK500 is a rigid joint shrink disc. Shafts are available from 17-80mm. Torque up to 4300Nm.
The Tollok TLK603 is a self-centering shrink disc. Hollow shaft with outside diameters from 14-480mm. Torques up to 1500000Nm.
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