Westcar Fluid couplings are manufactured to the highest specification for smooth start applications.

Fluid couplings reduce the start shock of drive motors. The torque is transmitted from the input to the output side via an oil stream circulating in the radially arranged blade chamber. The clutches have a constant oil filling and are wear-resistant.


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Rotofluid CA fluid coupling is designed to allow a soft start through a reduced initial torque.
ROTOFLUID hydraulic couplings for rated power up to 6000 kW.
ROTOFLUID-DCF hydraulic couplings with double delay chamber.  
ROTOFLUID GG hydraulic couplings (with cast-iron casing) for potentially explosive atmospheres (ATEX I M2)  
ROTOFLUID-SCF hydraulic couplings with simple delay chamber.  
ROTOMEC hydromechanical couplings with hydraulic start-up and centrifugal mechanical lock-up with zero slip at running.For rater power up to 1500 kW.
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