WPT Power Corporation is proud to announce a new line of Power Pump Drives. The Power Pump Drives will better equip WPT to meet a broad range of engine driven application needs.

The WPT Power Pump Drive (PPD) is a versatile unit that is mounted between the rugged WPT power take-off and the engine. Providing for live or clutched multiple pumps. All drives are supplied as standard with flexible couplings on the input side that dampen torsional vibrations. The PPD is self contained and no external lubrication is required. An internal heat exchanger can be added as required.

The Power Pump Drive can be provided with a variety of SAE engine housings, power take-off clutches, SAE pump drives and accessories.

The Power Pump Drive is available for indirect drives which makes them suitable for off highway and mobile equipment, including but not limited to wood chippers, road working machines, rock crushers and grinders. The Power Pump Drive mounts directly to the engine SAE housing and flywheel.

Power Pump Drives 

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