Why is it worth using EAS®-safety clutches?

Advantages for the Machine Manufacturer

Safety clutches ensure that the load on the components does not exceed the permitted values due to exact torque limitation. This means that the modern demands on the machine construction can be fulfilled without risk.

  • Reduction of constructional safety factors
  • Optimum machine dimensions
  • Low mass moment of inertia
  • Smaller drive motors and gearbox
  • Material and price reductions
  • High rigidity and vibration-free transmission

Advantages for Productional Operation

No machine is safe from collisions. They occur due to incorrect operation, control software and hardware malfunctions or ambient influences such as foreign objects. Safety clutches provide reliable protection and ensure:

  • Low operational costs
  • Minimum repair time expenditure
  • High system availability
  • High productivity
  • Punctual production
  • Good delivery image for customers


Mayr Torque Limiters 

There are 15 products.
The Mayr EAS - Axial Torque Limiter has accurate limitation of tensile and pressure forces.  
The Mayr EAS - Compact-R (RA) is a rustproof torque limiting clutch.
The Mayr EAS - Dutytorque is the perfect torque limiting clutch for extruders.
The Mayr EAS - HTL is a housing clutch with standardised connection dimensions.Torque: 2 to 1.200 Nm.  
The Mayr EAS - NC is a backlash-free torque limiting clutch.
The Mayr EAS - Smartic Torque Limiter is an installation space-optimised torque limiting clutch.
The Mayr EAS - Standard is a low-backlash torque limiting clutch.
The Mayr EAS - Torque Sensor, torque-actuated signal transmitter.
The Mayr EAS - XT is an extruder torque limiting clutch.
The Mayr EAS - Compact backlash-free, load disconnecting torque limiting clutch.
Mayr EAS-Sp/EAS-Sm/EAS-Zr - all residual torque-free disconnecting torque limiting clutches with switching function.
The Mayr ROBA - Co-Pro is a compact and high-performance overload protection for modern constructions.  
The Mayr ROBA - Contitorque is a consistent-torque continuous slip clutch with magnetic hysteresis principle.  
The Mayr ROBA - Slip Hubs are frictionally-locking safety clutches.  
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