Don’t let a small obstacle destroy your expensive drive line components or your products. Nexen torque limiters are designed for accurate torque control and minimal down time.

The air controlled, positioning torque limiters allow torque level adjustments while the equipment is running allowing higher start-up torques. They provide a complete disconnect as soon as the selected torque level is exceeded and a controlled re-connect after the obstacle is cleared. These clutches provide a synchronized connection every 360°.

Nexen’s air controlled, friction clutches offer accurate torque protection, the air pressure may be adjusted at any time. When the static torque level is exceed the clutch will slip and transmit about 85% of the overload torque. These torque limiters are ideal to absorb short torque spikes. Nexen also offers speed monitoring systems to signal overloads and interrupt the air supply for a complete disconnect. After the obstacle is cleared the clutch can be re-engaged while the drive is still running.

Nexen’s line of mechanical torque limiters offers true zero backlash overload protection. These torque limiters are ideal for servo motor drives because of their high stiffness and low inertia. Available in manual reset with a synchronized re-connect every 360° or in automatic reset with a synchronized re-connect every 360° or every 60°. These torque limiters are available in a variety of mounting configurations.

Torque Limiters 

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