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Coremo Ocmea B-N Pneumatic Failsafe Brake

Coremo Ocmea B-N Pneumatic Failsafe Brake

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Code I.T. 070618 B-N
Drawing Number I.T. 070618 B-N

Braking Force: 1300N to 2600N
Disc Thickness: 12.7mm

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Coremo B2N is a direct replacement for Twiflex MSK.

The need to immediately stop any machine rotating part requires the selection of a device capable of working without any external power supply. Coremo spring applied caliper brakes are the solution to this problem; here, the braking force is constantly available due to springs mounted in the brake.

The clamping force of each model is produced by helical springs which allow for quick reaction times. All brakes operate up to a maximum pressure of 6 [bar].

Additional Information

Additional Information

Actuation Method Pneumatic
Actuation Type Passive
Braking Force 1300N to 2600N
Brake Type Caliper
Brake Disc Thickness 12.7mm
Compares With ICP, Twiflex
Max. Continuous Temp Qc: 1.7 kW (2.7kW for double pad version)
Minimum Release Pressure 5 bar
Weight Range From 7 - 8.1 kg
OEM Numbers
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