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Mini Electromagnetic Tooth Clutch METC

Mini Electromagnetic Tooth Clutch METC

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Code ICP-2223

Mini Electromagnetic Tooth Clutch METC

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Small tooth clutch for positive torque transmission.

Torque connection effected by the hardened face teeth with point-shaped profile. When the clutch is electrically switched off, the toothed armature body carrying the magnet body is retained in disengaged position by release springs.

  • With point shaped backlash-free tooth profile.
  • For engagement under limited relative speed.
  • Suited for horizontal and vertical mounting.
  • Version 1 - tooth angle 55° for disengagement under torque load.
  • Version 2 - tooth angle 35° for higher torque transmission, if disengagement without torque load takes place.
Additional Information

Additional Information

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Actuation Method Electric
Clutch Type Tooth
OEM Numbers
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