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    SIBRE DISC BRAKE TYPE USB - SERVICE BRAKE FOR CRANE APPLICATIONS These brakes have been designed primarily for the demands of crane-lifting and material handling applications. The specialist design provides a combination of spring and weight applied brakes ideal for service and emergency braking requirements in cranes, conveyors, and opencast...
  • Precision Step System

    Is the prerequisite for your production machinery the ability to handle tasks that demand extremely fast and precise positioning of drive shafts? Industrial Clutch Parts is pleased to offer the Precision Step System as the ideal solution. Because of its unique construction, the system is superior with respect to cycling...
  • We are open for business!

    Industrial Clutch Parts are open for business. We have supported key industries during the COVID-19 pandemic to ensure factories continue to operate production lines. As more and more businesses start-up, your global distributor of industrial clutches, brakes, and spare parts are on hand to assist you with your requirements. We...
  • Industrial Clutch Parts LTD Distributor of the Year 2019

    Based in Wichita Falls, Texas, WPT Power Corporation is a leading global manufacturer of a wide range of mechanical power transmission and winch products. The products are used in heavy-duty industrial applications and are used to operate, control, and transfer power and torque. Industrial Clutch Parts distribute the full range...
  • Teknamotor offering wood processing devices since 1992

    Teknamotor have many years of experience and persistence has created one of the leading companies offering wood processing devices. The company manufactures a full range of machines: Mobile certified disc and drum chippers for wood and wood waste. Stationary drum and disc chippers for the wood processing sector together with...

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