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Introducing the New ZSE Brake Family

In February 2018 Industrial Clutch Parts unveiled the Nexen Industry 4.0 compatible versions of the ZSE brakes. Designed to stop and hold loads as they reach new stations in the production process, ZSE brakes are typically used for through-shaft set ups, positioning indexers, conveyor systems and trunnion tables. Industrial Clutch Parts technical department confirmed that the smart versions of Nexen’s ZSE brakes are equipped with internal temperature sensors and disengagement-verification sensors that provide feedback that engineers and technicians can access from computers in a control room and from hand held tablets on the factory floor. The temperature sensor allows maintenance personnel to predict with 95% accuracy the maintenance schedule for the ZSE brakes, this will significantly reduce downtime.



The disengagement sensor, in turn, confirms whether the smart brake is on or off, a critical piece of safety information for operators addressing problems on the assembly line and maintenance workers servicing the equipment.

The braking mechanism, for example, consists of pneumatically released springs. As long as air is being pumped into the brakes, the springs remain open, but once air pressure drops below 5.5 bars, the springs close and brake the load.

In case of a power outage, ZSE brakes engage immediately as airflow stops. In contrast, electric brakes take longer to engage in a power outage because electricity requires more time to dissipate from the brakes. Furthermore, the pneumatically released mechanism does not add heat, which results in cool operation and long life. As a result, the mechanism requires no energy to operate, meaning the ZSE brakes have lower energy costs, as well as higher, more consistent torque capabilities.

The Nexen ZSE brakes are capable of holding up to 100% of rated torque with zero backlash compared with some other brakes that achieve zero backlash only when operating as low as 10% of their fully rated torque.

Contributing to the ZSE brakes zero backlash are the following features:

  • Split-hub shaft collar which produces smooth stopping and precision holding.
  • One piece hub and clamping collar assembly, which lowers inertia and eliminates the need for splines on the rotating shaft.
  • Double-tapered facing, which locks down on the housing and hub to create a solid torque transmission interface.
  • One piece solid hub which increases torsional rigidity.


In developing, the smart versions of ZSE brakes Nexen have created an enclosed housing to keep particulates like sawdust and powders out of the inner workings of the brakes. Not only does the housing result in smoother operation but it also reduces the amount of guarding needed to protect machine operators from injury. The housing is compact in length and diameter, allowing the brakes to fit onto short shafts and into small spaces. The technical department at Industrial Clutch Parts are able to offer full, detailed information on the ZSE braking range along with a full range of solutions for your Smart factory opportunities.

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