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Industrial Clutch Parts are pleased to announce we have agreed to distribute the Eide range of Centrifugal Brake systems.

The FPC overspeed safety brake is a mechanical unit used to protect against accidental free-fall in rack and pinion lift mechanisms. It is very common to be used as the pinion safety brake of the rack and pinion construction hoist, industrial elevators, mast climbers and other types of lifting devices. It is also known as safety device, overspeed governor, automatic centrifugal brake device, pinion safety device or pinion device.

The system only operates when the descent speed surpasses a previously established value. The sensors are activated by centrifugal force and wedge the follower pinion against the structure. The locking occurs in a progressive way.

 Automatic reset: The procedure to reset the brake consists only in raising the elevator a few centimetres. The brake returns to its operative without the need of any manipulation. There is no other safety brake in the market with this technical advantage.

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