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High Torque Brakes

Industrial Clutch Parts Ltd. is pleased to introduce a new range of High Torque, Electromagnetic, Spring Applied Industrial Brakes.

HT High Torque Brakes

ICP HT Series Brakes have been developed for crane and winch applications including marine environments. With a high degree of protection, the brake operates in the toughest of seawater environments and harsh climates.

ICP HT Series is a spring applied and electric released brake with protection up to IP66. The robust, reliable design with low inertia achieves the highest standards for durability and longevity.  

Multiple options are available, manual or hand release, tacho generators available and various DC voltage operation coils. For full details, please do not hesitate to contact ICP at:

sales@industrialclutch.com +44(0) 1663 734627