1. Schunk Carbon Technology - A New Partnership.

    Schunk Carbon Technology - A New Partnership.

    Industrial Clutch Parts (ICP) continues to grow its ever-impressive partnership portfolio. Schunk are global leaders in the development, manufacture, and application of carbon and ceramic solutions. 

    Working closely alongside Schunk, ICP will be focusing strongly on the wind energy market. Schunk Carbon Technology offers the perfect technological bases for highly efficient electric current transfer, low-maintenance, and reliable operation and also contributes to the noise reduction of wind power systems with innovative carbon solutions for mechanical applications.

    Schunk carbon brushes offer perfect power transm

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  2. Steel & Metal Forming Markets

    Steel & Metal Forming Markets

    Low inertia clutches and brakes are a perfect match for the Steel/Metal Forming industries. The WPT family of products brings performance, reliability, and precision to any equipment.

    The WPT Low Inertia product line is specially designed for presses, shears, high cycle machines, tension control, fail-safe, high heat applications, and coil processors. They also directly replace Wichita models. The unique ventilation design in the WPT design allows cool air into the unit to help dissipate the heat during start-ups and stops. Further improvements were made to reduce the quantity and mass of the rotating parts, increasing machine efficiency.

    The rigid moulded friction materials used in the low inertia line provide uniform torque production and wear rates. Once installed on a machine, the

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  3. Tension Brakes for Converting Machinery

    Tension Brakes for Converting Machinery

    Tension brakes are often used for the winding and unwinding of rolls in converting machinery. Common industries include textiles, printing, paper, corrugated, plastic film, and metal stamping.

    The tension control concept refers to the process of controlling tension while transporting web. It involves the winding and unwinding of rolls/sheets of any size and material. The purpose of the brake is to keep accurate and stable tension throughout the converting process to ensure the highest product quality and productivity. Optimising a web tension control system will ensure that the correct tension is maintained for any size and type of material, regardless of speed or process conditions.

    Industrial Clutch Parts (ICP) supplies various tension brakes to the converting industry. Widely used on unwinders in a great variety of industries. ICP offers several types of tension

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    As we have entered a new year, with familiar problems and some new ones, it’s all the more important to share positivity and good news, to counter all of the doom and gloom the general media has to share.

    UK Manufacturing has many success stories to share and investment in a broad range of industries is looking encouraging for the year ahead.

    A couple of companies we have featured below:

    Aerospace manufacturers target growth by digital transformation.

    Three aerospace manufacturers in the UK are targeting growth through a new streamlined workshop process that speeds up digital transformation. MSM aerospace fabricators, based in Middleton, Xavier Engineering, based in Burnley, and G. Parker Aero Tooling Solutions, based in Accrington, are working with Made Smarter, the movement helping SME manufacturers adopt digital technologies.

    They are using a digital transformation workshop, a process designed to accelerate manufacturing gr

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  5. Rexnord Tollok Shrink Discs Solutions for Wind Industry Applications

    Rexnord Tollok Shrink Discs Solutions for Wind Industry Applications

    ICP Wind has built a reliable partnership with Rexnord Tollok, a leading manufacturer of locking assemblies that perform under the most rigorous demands in industrial applications. The robust product line features a wide range of options from simple and compact designs to advanced features. Rexnord Tollok locking assemblies can be customised to fit customers' ever-changing application needs.

    Tollok shrink discs are the modern way of creating a mechanical shrink fit. Designed using state-of-the-art analysis tools and manufacturing equipment to ensure the most accurate designs possible. Tollok manufactures shrink discs for use in heavy-duty and specially engineered environments, such as eight Mega Watt (MW) wind turbines.


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  6. WPT – Industrial Clutches

    WPT – Industrial Clutches

    Over the last 18 years, Industrial Clutch Parts (ICP) and WPT Power have built an international reputation for excellence in the power transmission industry. ICP continues to work in partnership with WPT Power to provide new and improved industry solutions.

    WPT Power Corporation manufactures pneumatic and hydraulic clutches that are preferred by many OEM’s around the world. There are some excellent clutch designs on the market already, and innovation is happening every day to help optimise the performance of heavy-duty applications, such as wood chippers and anchor winches.

    Industrial clutches operate by bringing together two separate rotating bodies and coupling them to create a single body of rotation.

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  7. Eaton Airflex CB Units for Tyre Building Machines

    Eaton Airflex CB Units for Tyre Building Machines

    Industrial Clutch Parts (ICP) continues to provide new and improved industrial solutions. ICP has recently received positive feedback from our customers at OZKA Lastik.

    Founded in Turkey, OZKA Lastik is a manufacturer of industrial and agricultural tyres. OZKA produces tyres in Garden-Field, Pick-Up-Van, Trailer, Tractor Front-Rear, Construction Machine, Combine Harvester, Forklift, Panzer and Radial Tractor Tyre groups.

    Earlier this year, ICP supplied OZKA with an Eaton Airflex 4CB200 unit. Eaton Airflex 4CB200 is a constricting clutch and/or brake. Designed for high speed, cyclic operations, a

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  8. See the latest Wind Energy Network Magazine

    See the latest Wind Energy Network Magazine

    We're delighted to be featured! Read the full article here:

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  9. Brexit Statement

    Brexit Statement

    Industrial Clutch Parts (ICP) has fully prepared for exporting to our EU customers after 1st Jan 2021 and hopes that our plans allow us to keep exports as easy as possible. ICP is experiencing no immediate changes to its supply chain and continue to ensure production is fully maintained.

    The ICP team is working hard to ensure there is minimal disruption to the business and the services we provide to our customers. ICP will continue to follow events as they unfold throughout the year and will keep customers updated as early as possible as more details of the future trading relationship with the EU and others become clear.

    ICP has a number of freight partners and can offer exporting options for small boxes right through to pallets and crates. ICP can offer our customers two options for goods being sent by road freight: DAP & DDP.

    Whichever service is used, ICP will work with its partners to ensure that the correct paperwork travels with the goods and, also

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  10. Covid Update 2021

    Covid Update 2021

    Industrial Clutch Parts (ICP) would like to wish all our customers and suppliers a Happy New Year. It has certainly been an interesting start to 2021 with the new lockdown coming into force this week in the UK.

    As ICP manufactures industrial clutches, brakes, and spare parts, we will remain open as per the Government guidance for manufacturing companies.

    ICP will operate under government guidelines to ensure the utmost safety for all our staff, partners, and customers. The warehouse facilities will operate as normal to ensure production is fully maintained. ICP will continue to supply all industries during the pandemic. Such as agriculture, food production, energy, and transport.

    Recent guidance states:

    ‘‘Businesses which provide essential services can continue to operate, such as those in the Critical National Infrastructure (CNI) Sector... agriculture and food production, energy and transport''.

    ICP oper

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