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  • Industrial Clutch Parts Extend Nexen Range

    Industrial Clutch Parts have extended the Nexen Range alongside the Nexen Roller Pinion System (RPS). As well as Linear Motion Control, we have added Air Champ products to the website, including Friction Clutches, Tooth Clutches, Friction Brakes, Caliper Brakes, Spring Engaged Brakes & Flange Mounted Clutch-Brakes. To view the Nexen...
  • Offshore Wind Exhibition Aberdeen

    Industrial Clutch Parts will be exhibiting a range of Rotor Brakes, Yaw Brakes and Friction Linings which are  perfect for the Wind Turbine industry at the forthcoming Offshore Wind Energy Exhibition in Aberdeen. We look forward to seeing you.      
  • Hydraulic Power Pump Drives are Now Available

    WPT Power Corporation is proud to announce a new line of Power Pump Drives. The Power Pump Drives will better equip WPT to meet a broad range of engine driven application needs. The Power Pump Drive is available for indirect drives which makes them suitable for off highway and mobile...
  • WPT Awards 2011

    Industrial Clutch Parts are extremely pleased to announce they have been awarded “Top 5 In Sales for Assemblies 2011”, “Top 5 Distributor in Sales 2011” and “Top 5 in Sales for Mechanical PTO 2011”. WPT Power Corporation are very pleased to have Industrial Clutch Parts as a marketing and sales...
  • ICP Website Update

    Industrial Clutch Parts have updated the Nexen Roller Pinion System (RPS) section of the website, listing the advantages of the Nexen RPS, how the RPS technology works and also application examples, images and videos. To view the Nexen Roller Pinion System page please click here

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