Brexit Statement

Industrial Clutch Parts (ICP) has fully prepared for exporting to our EU customers after 1st Jan 2021 and hopes that our plans allow us to keep exports as easy as possible. ICP is experiencing no immediate changes to its supply chain and continue to ensure production is fully maintained.

The ICP team is working hard to ensure there is minimal disruption to the business and the services we provide to our customers. ICP will continue to follow events as they unfold throughout the year and will keep customers updated as early as possible as more details of the future trading relationship with the EU and others become clear.

ICP has a number of freight partners and can offer exporting options for small boxes right through to pallets and crates. ICP can offer our customers two options for goods being sent by road freight: DAP & DDP.

Whichever service is used, ICP will work with its partners to ensure that the correct paperwork travels with the goods and, also uploaded to the freight partner’s portal for customs. ICP will also ensure that the paperwork contains the information needed by customs for speedy processing. 

ICP has many strong partnerships within the EU and will continue to put plans in place to ensure there is no negative impact on the company or customers during the transition out of the EU.

If you have any questions or general enquiries, please do not hesitate to email or call +44 (0) 1663 734627.