Eaton Airflex CB Units for Tyre Building Machines

Industrial Clutch Parts (ICP) continues to provide new and improved industrial solutions. ICP has recently received positive feedback from our customers at OZKA Lastik.

Founded in Turkey, OZKA Lastik is a manufacturer of industrial and agricultural tyres. OZKA produces tyres in Garden-Field, Pick-Up-Van, Trailer, Tractor Front-Rear, Construction Machine, Combine Harvester, Forklift, Panzer and Radial Tractor Tyre groups.

Earlier this year, ICP supplied OZKA with an Eaton Airflex 4CB200 unit. Eaton Airflex 4CB200 is a constricting clutch and/or brake. Designed for high speed, cyclic operations, as well as for coupling and general power transmission - ideal for OZKA tyre production machines.

It is a drum style unit, designed to expand radially inward when pressurized. The main feature is the torsional resilient principle made possible by the transmission of power through the sidewalls of the flexible neoprene and cord actuating tube. This flexibility also permits minor shaft misalignment.

As a trusted Eaton Airflex distributor, ICP is able to supply a comprehensive range of Eaton Airflex products. Including drum, water-cooled, and air-cooled clutches and brakes. ICP stocks genuine Airflex parts and complete units in order to deliver quickly for customer requirements.

If you require any further details please email or call +44 (0) 1663 734627.