Precision Step System

Is the prerequisite for your production machinery the ability to handle tasks that demand extremely fast and precise positioning of drive shafts?

Industrial Clutch Parts is pleased to offer the Precision Step System as the ideal solution. Because of its unique construction, the system is superior with respect to cycling frequency, precision, greater operating reliability, and low service costs. The Precision Step System can start and stop up to 3600 times per minute, depending on load and size, while maintaining a high level of precision.

A family of electronic controls based on the modular approach makes the Precision Step System easy to use and extremely flexible. The electronic controls have been designed to satisfy the demand for functions that include: counting, sensing, activating, clutching out, compensating, etc. Controls with specific logic functions tailored to the needs of individual customers are also available. Electronic sensors, encoders, and vacuum pumps have been carefully specified and are available as options to ensure optimum system performance. The Precision Step System consists of:

• SRA - mechanical step units

• SRB - electronic control units

• SRC - signal sources

• SRD - vacuum pump and accessories

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