Rexnord Tollok Shrink Discs Solutions for Wind Industry Applications

ICP Wind has built a reliable partnership with Rexnord Tollok, a leading manufacturer of locking assemblies that perform under the most rigorous demands in industrial applications. The robust product line features a wide range of options from simple and compact designs to advanced features. Rexnord Tollok locking assemblies can be customised to fit customers' ever-changing application needs.

Tollok shrink discs are the modern way of creating a mechanical shrink fit. Designed using state-of-the-art analysis tools and manufacturing equipment to ensure the most accurate designs possible. Tollok manufactures shrink discs for use in heavy-duty and specially engineered environments, such as eight Mega Watt (MW) wind turbines.

Wind turbines are commonly equipped with splined or keyed shafts, however, many operators find that these methods of connection are too complex and expensive.

Shrink Disc Advantages

Shrink discs provide many advantages over keyway and splined shafts. The design is more compact and lightweight, the cost of ownership is reduced and there is less maintenance required. In addition, when using a key or spline, parts must be aligned precisely, whereas a shrink disc allows for minor misalignment.

All Tollok shrink discs have been designed to fit all types of hubs onto shafts and axles, replacing traditional shrink fits, keys and polygon connections, and splined shafts.

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