Schunk Carbon Technology - A New Partnership.

Industrial Clutch Parts (ICP) continues to grow its ever-impressive partnership portfolio. Schunk are global leaders in the development, manufacture, and application of carbon and ceramic solutions. 

Working closely alongside Schunk, ICP will be focusing strongly on the wind energy market. Schunk Carbon Technology offers the perfect technological bases for highly efficient electric current transfer, low-maintenance, and reliable operation and also contributes to the noise reduction of wind power systems with innovative carbon solutions for mechanical applications.

Schunk carbon brushes offer perfect power transmission on the slip rings of double-fed asynchronous generators. Schunk offers suitable materials for all ambient conditions and applications. Whether it's low humidity, such as in China and North America, or high humidity and the effects of salt on off-shore stations, Schunk carbon brushes guarantee low brush wear and long maintenance intervals.’

Please contact Industrial Clutch Parts at +44 (0) 1663 734627 to request the precise carbon brush for your specific application. ICP aims to optimise brush life, reduce wear and tear on the rings and thereby improve generator performance.