Tension Brakes for Converting Machinery

Tension brakes are often used for the winding and unwinding of rolls in converting machinery. Common industries include textiles, printing, paper, corrugated, plastic film, and metal stamping.

The tension control concept refers to the process of controlling tension while transporting web. It involves the winding and unwinding of rolls/sheets of any size and material. The purpose of the brake is to keep accurate and stable tension throughout the converting process to ensure the highest product quality and productivity. Optimising a web tension control system will ensure that the correct tension is maintained for any size and type of material, regardless of speed or process conditions.

Industrial Clutch Parts (ICP) supplies various tension brakes to the converting industry. Widely used on unwinders in a great variety of industries. ICP offers several types of tension brakes to enhance web tension control systems:

  • Pneumatic brakes
  • Caliper brakes (manual & pneumatic)
  • Powder brakes

As well as complete brake units, ICP also supplies a wide range of high-quality to price ratio spare parts. 100% interchangeable with leading brands on the market, including Re Spa, Montalvo, and Wichita.

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