WPT – Industrial Clutches

Over the last 18 years, Industrial Clutch Parts (ICP) and WPT Power have built an international reputation for excellence in the power transmission industry. ICP continues to work in partnership with WPT Power to provide new and improved industry solutions.

WPT Power Corporation manufactures pneumatic and hydraulic clutches that are preferred by many OEM’s around the world. There are some excellent clutch designs on the market already, and innovation is happening every day to help optimise the performance of heavy-duty applications, such as wood chippers and anchor winches.

Industrial clutches operate by bringing together two separate rotating bodies and coupling them to create a single body of rotation. WPT industrial clutches are air applied (pneumatic) or liquid applied (hydraulic), designed to generate much greater levels of force than other types of clutches.

In a pneumatic clutch, compressed air or gas provides the necessary pressure to inflate air tubes compressing friction and drive plates together. Hydraulic clutches use non-compressible liquids to apply pressure to pistons and thereby force friction and drive plates together. ICP also supplies a comprehensive range of spare parts suitable for all WPT industrial clutches.

Common clutch applications include; steel and metal forming, marine, forestry, grinding mills, paper mills, and mining.

ICP has over 25 years of combined experience in industrial clutches and clutch applications. If you require any further details please email website@industrialclutch.com or call +44 (0) 1663 734627.


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