ComInTec Economic Ball Torque Limiter EDF/F

Brand: ComInTec
Code: ComInTec EDF/F

Industrial Clutch Parts Ltd. supply a diverse range of ComInTec Torque Limiters (safety couplings). 

ComInTec Economic Ball Torque Limiters transfer transmission using hardened balls inserted directly in the drive element. Creating a simple, compact and competitive device.

The EDF/F design is a basic model, suitable for transmission with platewheel, pulley or flange, with parallel shafts.


  • Reduced torsional backlash by ball drive
  • Torque Range: 7.5 - 1450 Nm
  • Max. Bore: ø55 mm
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ComInTec Economic Ball Torque Limiter EDF/F

Economic Ball Torque Limiters disengage quickly and safely, bringing the transmission to a stop once the torque is exceeded. Once your devices transmission is restored, the torque limiter will re-engage automatically. Suitable for use in damp and oily conditions.

The EDF/F design protects gear motors and conveyor belts from accidental collisions, similarly protecting the drive from damage or wrong positioning. Economic Ball Torque Limiters create a long lasting and highly reliable system, whilst saving time and money on maintenance and repair costs. 

The mounting of the transmission gear inside the device is similar to the friction torque limiter. The nominal torque is measured by the “H” dimension, immediately positioning the coupling. There is equal re-engagement in phase or at 360°.


  • Available with radial ring statically balanced
  • Available only with finished bore
  • Possibility of combining a microswitch / proximity to stop the engine

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Product Torque Limiter
Brand ComInTec
Industry Applications Filling machines, metal chip conveyors. Automatic conveyor belts. Winches.
Actuation Method Mechanical
Bore Size 55 mm
Clutch Type Torque Limiter
Torque Rating 7.5 - 1450 Nm