ComInTec Roller Torque Limiter DSR

Brand: ComInTec
Code: ComInTec DSR

Industrial Clutch Parts Ltd. supply a diverse range of ComInTec Torque Limiters (safety couplings). 

ComInTec DSR Torque Limiters transmit Torque is transmitted through a series of rollers spaced unevenly around the drive plate. Permitting a quick stop of the transmission due to micro-EM1 design.


  • DRS model - basic model, connection with in-line shafts possible
  • Suitable for oily and wet environments.
  • Torque Range: 2.5 - 12000 Nm
  • Max. Bore ø120 mm
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ComInTec Roller Torque Limiter DSR

ComInTec Rollers Torque Limiters provide the utmost safety for your application. The DSR model is a roller torque limiter for steady transmission with high torques and vibrations. Manufactured to protect gearboxes from jamming and packages from deforming. 

Rollers Torque Limiters protect your products handling elements from building up harmful residual. It provides an immediate intervention for an improved reaction, suitable for transmitting high torque with high reliability and efficiency. Torque is transmitted through a series of rollers spaced unevenly around the drive plate.

The DSR design enables precise torque settings by adjusting the radially balanced locking nut. The nominal torque is measured by the “H” dimension, immediately positioning the coupling. There is equal re-engagement in phase or at 360°, saving time and money on your device. 


  • Available with longer shaft for the assembly with transmission elements of large size
  • Available with anti-corrosive surface treatments
  • Available with intervention signal ring

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Product Torque Limiter
Brand ComInTec
Industry Applications Packaging and wrapping machines. Labeling machines. Bottling machines. Conveyors.
Actuation Method Mechanical
Bore Size 120 mm
Clutch Type Torque Limiter
Torque Rating 2.5 - 12000 Nm