ComInTec Backlash Free Torque Limiter DSS/SG/GSF

Brand: ComInTec
Code: ComInTec DSS/SG/GSF

Industrial Clutch Parts Ltd. supply a diverse range of ComInTec Torque Limiters (safety couplings). 

ComInTec Backlash Free Torque Limiters are mechanical components. Designed with free rotation and low residual torque after disengagement. Suitable for high speed transmission.


  • GSF model - connection by bellows coupling for application with reduced inertia.
  • Torque Range: 0.8 - 300 Nm
  • Max. Bore: ø45 mm

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Roller phase torque limiter free rotation DSS/SG/GSF

The ComInTec Backlash Free Torque Limiter provides the utmost safety for your product by protecting devices during transmission against the highest of inertia's and high speeds of rotation. The free rotation design enables greater durability of all devices, creating a longer lasting production for your application.

The safety coupling provides backlash free transmission, free of motion with high sensitivity of reaction and an immediate release without peak load prior to dis-engagement. The DSS/SG model enables the device to be adjusted by changing the pressure of the springs in the negative. 

Once the maximum torque is reached (300 Nm), the disengagement of the safety coupling is instant, the calibration is adjusted by changing the pressure of the springs.  The straight forward, quick and reliable manual re-engagement avoids the use of specialist equipment, saving time and money on your device.

The GSF design is connected by a bellow coupling for applications with reduced inertia.


  • Protect the product from shock loads or incorrect positioning.
  • Protects devices during transmission at high speeds of rotation.
  • Greater durability of all devices, thanks to the free rotation.

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Product Torque Limiter
Brand ComInTec
Industry Applications Print machines and packaging machines. CNC tool machines. Index tables, filling machines and guiders. Servo motors and slide guides.
Actuation Method Mechanical
Clutch Type Torque Limiter