Coremo Water Cooled Brakes Type W-R

Brand: Coremo
Code: I.T. 060120 W-R B

 Coremo Water Cooled Brakes Type W-R 

  • Torque from 5 to 51.000 Nm.

  • Max. thermal capacity: 273 kw

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Coremo Water Cooled Brakes Type W-R

These air tube pneumatic brakes and clutches are equipped with a water cooling circuit for applications requiring extremely high heat dissipation.

Air tube sensitivity allows fine torque control.

  • Available with steel disc (W) or copper disc (R) to increase thermal capacity (upto 273kw).

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Product Brake
Brand Coremo
Actuation Method Pneumatic
Brake Type Water Cooled
Compares With Wichita Clutch
Inertia 0.0019 to 8.59 kgm²
Max. Continuous Temp 2.8 to 192 kW
Torque Rating W: 100 to 22500 Nm at 4 bar. R: 220 to 51000 Nm at 6 bar.
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