Nexen Torque Limiter Type MTL-PMT

Brand: Nexen
Code: Nexen Torque Limiter Type MTL-PMT

Nexen Torque Limiter Type MTL-PMT

The Nexen type MTL-PMT is a high performing, adjustable, mechanical torque limiter that provides zero backlash. 

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Nexen Torque Limiter Type MTL-PMT

Accurate positioning, spring controlled and pilot mount torque limiter. 


  • High precision torque limiting devices.  

  • Unique ball and detent design

  • Zero backlash torque transmission.  

  • The pre-loaded spring provides a crisp disconnect.

  • Comes with a tapered keyless bushing and has a pilot for a pulley or sprocket.


  • Zero backlash

  • Low inertia 

  • Fast response 

  • Overload signal 

  • Easy integration and torque adjustment 


  • Automatic re-engagement every 60° or 360° 

  • Full disengagement, manual re-engagement every 360° 

  • Load holding: no disconnect only overload signalling

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Product Torque Limiter
Brand Nexen
Industry Applications Automation...
Actuation Method Pneumatic
Compares With Horton
Clutch Type Torque Limiter