Nexen Torque Limiter Type TL-A-E

Brand: Nexen
Code: Nexen Torque Limiter Type TL-A-E

Nexen Torque Limiter Type TL-A-E

  • Air Engaged

  • Shaft Mounted

  • Straight Bore

  • Enclosed

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Nexen Torque Limiter Type TL-A-E

The TL-A-E type torque limiter has been manufactured for accurate positioning with an air controlled enclosed design.


  • 5 Sizes 

  • Overload torque: 100Nm to 1300Nm 

  • Bores: 20mm - 45mm 

  • Max. operating speed: 1800RPM 


  • Fast response 

  • Torque adjustable during operation 

  • Complete disconnect 

  • Synchronized re-connect every 360° 

  • Remote controlled re-connect 

  • Overload feed-back signal 

  • Protected against dust and water projections 

  • Nickel plating 


  • Automatic re-engagement  every 180°,120°, 90°, 72° or 60°

  • Flexible couplings for in-line mounting

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Product Torque Limiter
Brand Nexen
Industry Applications Automation...
Actuation Method Pneumatic
Compares With Horton
Bore Size 20mm to 45mm
Clutch Type Torque Limiter
Max. RPM 1800
Torque Rating 100Nm to 1300Nm