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Coremo Ocmea F-N Pneumatic Failsafe Brake

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Coremo Ocmea F-N Pneumatic Failsafe Brake

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Drawing Number: I.T. 070618 F-N Brand: Coremo

F-N  Features:

  • Braking Force: 2625 - 10400 N
  • Disc Thickness: 12.7 mm
  • Minimum Release Pressure: 5 bar

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Coremo Ocmea F-N Pneumatic Failsafe Spring Applied Caliper Brake

Industrial Clutch Parts Ltd. supply a complete range of Pneumatic Caliper Brakes manufactured by Coremo. Available directly from stock for prompt delivery and reduced lead times. ICP offers Coremo Pneumatic Failsafe Caliper Brakes in varying sizes and models suitable for emergency and/or parking brake functions.

The Coremo F-N failsafe pneumatic caliper brake is operated by helical springs which generate a constant clamping force. The brake can be installed in any position since it has a lever balancing and lining pad alignment system.

The SG iron caliper is designed to withstand the mechanical and thermal stresses generated in compliance with satisfactory safety coefficients. The lining pads can be adjusted to ensure that the friction surfaces grip the brake disc at all points. Quality controls ensure a reliable, safe product and trouble-free caliper operation.

Available Sizes - Respective Braking Force:

  • F-1N > 2625 N
  • F-2N > 5250 N
  • F-3N > 10400N
Additional Information

Additional Information

Product Type Brake
Brand Coremo
PDF Catalogue PDF Download Download
Actuation Method Pneumatic
Braking Force 2625 - 10400 N
Brake Type Caliper
Brake Disc Thickness 12.7 mm
Compares With ICP, Twiflex
Max. Continuous Temp Qc: 3.4 kW
Minimum Release Pressure 5 bar
Weight Range 11 - 15.1 kg
OEM Numbers
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