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Gummi Air Clutch & Drum Brake - Type FKE

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Gummi Air Clutch & Drum Brake - Type FKE

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Code: Gummi FKE
Brand: Gummi

Industrial Clutch Parts Ltd. supply a complete range of Gummi Drum Clutch and Brakes. The expanding elements inflate radially towards the inner edge of the drum when pressurized.

Gummi FKE is an expanding version of the FK unit.  Best suited for low speed applications, with smooth starting and stopping loads. Gummi FKE is commonly used as a slip clutch and tension brake. The expanding design allows the element to function as a centrifugal clutch.


  • Expanding version of the FK Drum Clutch & Brake 
  • Torque Ratings up to: 18,750 lb-in @75 PSI & 100 RPM
  • Max. RPM: 1,800

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Gummi FKE Air Clutch & Drum Brake - Available and Stocked in the UK for Quick Delivery 

Industrial Clutch Parts Ltd. distribute Gummi FKE Air Clutches & Drum Brakes to various applications with light starting and stopping loads. The FKE is often used as a slip clutch or tension brake for light horsepower and torque applications.

Gummi FKE is similar in design to FK type elements, including their manufactured characteristics. Gummi FKE is an expanding version of the FK type, used as a brake or clutch. The expanding design allows the element to function as a centrifugal clutch. 

Available in 11 sizes with one or two air connections, the FKE design and construction is simple in operation. An integrated neoprene tube, reinforced with various ply of cords, is vulcanized to the outer part of a steel rim. A set of friction shoes are connected to the outside of the tube using shoe pins and lock wire kit. When the tube is pressurized, this forces the friction shoes to expand and engage within the inside diameter of the drum. Its ability to transmit torque depends on the applied air pressure and velocity.

Gummi FKE has been manufactured to transmit torque through its sidewalls, absorbing shock loads and vibration to protect the drive components from the transmission.  The neoprene rubber tube formulation also reduces the effects of torsional vibrations. The flexible design allows the tube to compensate minor misalignment and axial movements of the shaft. It can also be used with overhung pulley or flywheel on light starting loads. 

Standard Sizes: 

  • 4FKE125, 6FKE200, 8FKE250, 9FKE325, 10FKE300, 12FKE250, 12FKE350, 14FKE400, 16FKE475

Additional Information

Additional Information

Product Type Clutch or Brake
Brand Gummi
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Industry Applications Sugar refineries, lumber, pulp and paper processing, rubber and textile manufacturing
Actuation Method Pneumatic
Brake Type Drum
Compares With Eaton Airflex
Clutch Type Drum
Max. RPM 1800
Torque Rating up to 18,750 lbs-in @75 PSI & 100 RPM
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