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Hilliard Magna Torque Overrunning Clutch - MTR

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Hilliard Magna Torque Overrunning Clutch - MTR

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Code: Hilliard Magna Torque - MTR
Brand: Hilliard

Industrial Clutch Parts Ltd. distribute Hilliard Magna Torque Overrunning Clutches. Available in MT & MTR designs, the MTR is similar to the MT design except the cam surface is reversed enabling performance in multi-speed/dual drive applications.

Hilliard Magna Torque (MTR) Overrunning Clutches are manufactured in a roller-ramp design. The use of hardened cams and precision-machined rollers maximizes service life and reduces machine downtime.


  • Hilliard MT & MTR designs available
  • MT - Ideally suited for backstopping and gearbox applications
  • MTR - Roller ramp design for multi-speed drives/dual drives

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Hilliard Magna Torque Overrunning Clutches - MTR for Clutch Couplings, Dual-drive & Turning Gears

Industrial Clutch Parts Ltd. distribute a complete range of Magna Torque Overrunning Clutches, available in both MT & MTR designs. Typical applications include press ink rolls, coal feeders, press feeds, honing machines, speed reducers, bakery equipment and textile machines. Dual-source drives include blowers, pumps and fans.

Shaft size is a major consideration for many overrunning clutches. Hilliard wedge ramp technology allows for greater bore sizes than comparable size clutches offered by other clutch manufacturers. During the performance, there is minimal wear during freewheeling operations, due to the rollers free rotation between the outer member and the inner cam. When the rollers are engaged, the load falls at random positions on the rollers. The result is superior service life and reliability for your application.

Hilliard Magna Torque MTR is similar to the MT design except the cam surface is reversed allowing it to be used in multi-speed/dual drive applications. MT Overrunning Clutches combine high torque, high-speed capabilities, easy field repair and low cost - all in a compact size.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Brand Hilliard
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Industry Applications Concrete/Construction, Fans, Steel Industry & Textile Machines
Actuation Method Electric
Bore Size 6.3 - 163.5 mm
Max. RPM 3600
Torque Rating 81 - 59,100 Nm
Outside Diameter 63.5 - 381 mm
OEM Numbers
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