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In industrial terms, the chemical industry performs essential steps in converting raw materials (animal, vegetable or mineral) into usable products. These encompass an enormous variety – from plastics to paints, from fertilizers to shampoos, from synthetic rubber to pharmaceuticals. These items then form part of other value chains – such as automotive, aerospace, construction – or are supplied directly to households.

The chemical sector is critical and underpins much of industry, linking energy and feedstocks to pharmaceuticals and consumer products. The diversity and range across the sector facilitate innovation within the sector as well as within important customer sectors such as automotive, aerospace and life sciences. Effective connectivity between sectors will create a critical advantage for the UK.

Strong, lightweight composites that make efficient wind energy and air travel possible; new materials to increase battery performance for electric vehicles; and new, competitive supply chains will facilitate the delivery of other sector strategies.

As such, the chemistry sector is the industry for industries, providing a key contribution to the successful delivery of industry strategies. 

Industrial Clutch Parts offer a wide range of spare parts sourced and distributed from Industry leaders, such as Eaton Airflex Clutches & Brakes, Westcar Fluid Couplings, Girol Rotary Unions and Rexnord Tollok Locking Bushes. 

ICP's large warehouse and vast stockholding guarantee our customers improved uptime and quick delivery to a global market.

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