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Industrial Clutch Parts Ltd. (ICP) is a leading supplier to the Renewable Energy market. There has been an instant growth of new economies that have led to an increase in demand for electricity around the globe. ICP understands the importance of Renewable Energy and continues to grow with the market. ICP products provide our customers with technical solutions for various applications in the Wind, Solar, and Hydrodynamic Power Generation sectors.

ICP provides expert braking solutions for the wind turbine market. We manufacture a comprehensive range of Yaw and Rotor Brakes for almost any Wind Turbine application. Our braking solutions are available in Hydraulic, Electric, and Manual types. They provide high durability and high reliability, with further weight reduction, heat resistance, and moisture resistance. Offering complete control to the majority of Wind Turbines on the market.

ICP formulates all types of friction materials for both OEM and the aftermarket. Manufactured and designed to meet our customers' demands and to suit all types of Wind Energy applications. ICP braking solutions are directly interchangeable with leading OEM's such as Brembo, Svendborg & Sibre

Our large product line includes Coremo Brakes, available in Hydraulic, Pneumatic and Manual operations. Coremo Braking Systems optimize performance in the photovoltaic sector, keeping solar panels in the optimum position for the sunlight angle. ICP is an Authorised UK Distributor for Cormeo Brakes, our large stock ensures prompt delivery and reduced downtime for our customers.

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