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Metal Forming

Metal Forming

Metal Forming

Industrial Clutch Parts Ltd. (ICP) has over 75 years worth of experience servicing the Metal Forming industry. We offer a diverse range of component parts to assist almost any metal forming machine or equipment. Our large stock ensures prompt delivery and reduced lead times for our customers.

ICP's product line includes a comprehensive range of Hydraulic and Pneumatic Brakes - directly interchangeable with Coremo BrakesICP Hydraulic and Pneumatic Brakes are used for various types of duty, manufactured for both dynamic and static applications. ICP Brakes apply resistant torque to control the movement of materials or stop in case of an emergency and provide parking or braking to hold a load in a given position.

ICP has built a reputation as a reliable distribution partner for some of the most respected names in the industry. We supply WPT Power Clutches and Brakes for smooth engagement, available in air actuated or spring set models. Our large stock of WPT Power products is well suited for high cycle operations on presses, shears and other metal forming equipment that requires a robust, rapid response without shock or noise. ICP also stocks Gummi Rubber Elements, ideal to combat aggressive agents found in steel processing.

ICP is an Authorized UK Distributor for Goizper Group. We supply a complete range of Goizper Clutch-Brake Combinations that cover a torque range from 65 Nm - 150,000 Nm to meet all kinds of demands in the Metal Forming industry.

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