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KTR BoWex-ELASTIC Couplings

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KTR BoWex-ELASTIC Couplings

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Code: BoWex-Elastic
Brand: KTR

Industrial Clutch Parts Ltd. supply a complete range of KTR BoWex-ELASTIC Flange Couplings. Available in all models and sizes, the flange coupling is capable of operating up to an engine power of 5000 kW.

KTR BoWex-ELASTIC is a highly flexible flange coupling. Ideal for drives subject to dangerous torsional vibrations. It transmits torque flexibly for the combination of diesel engine with splitterbox, generator, compressor, feed pump and high pressure pumps.


  • Suitable for I.C.-engines
  • Available up to an engine power of 5,000 kW
  • Axial plug-in for simple assembly
  • Compact construction

Available Options:


BoWex-ELASTIC Coupling HE1/HE2

BoWex-ELASTIC Flange Coupling HE1/HE2

Highly flexible flange coupling with SAE and special flange dimension

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BoWex-ELASTIC Coupling HE3/HE4

BoWex-ELASTIC Flange Coupling HE3/HE4

New sizes for a power up to 19,500 Nm, also available in different kinds of Shore hardness

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BoWex ELASTIC Coupling HEW1/HEW2

BoWex-ELASTIC Flange Coupling HEW1/HEW2

Highly flexible shaft coupling for assembly in piston engines & electric motors

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BoWex-ELASTIC Flange Coupling HE-ZS/HEW-ZS

Highly flexible coupling to be mounted to combustion

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BoWex-ELASTIC Coupling HEG

BoWex-ELASTIC Flange Coupling HEG

Highly-flexible cardan shaft auxiliary coupling for I. C. engines.

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KTR BoWex-ELASTIC Flange Coupling 

Industrial Clutch Parts Ltd. holds stock of KTR BoWex-ELASTIC Flange Couplings. Available in all models and sizes. We supply a complete range of flange couplings suited to our customers requirements. 

KTR BoWex-ELASTIC is highly flexible combining the benefits of the well-approved BoWex system in a compact design with the option of an axial plug-in assembly inside the curved toothing. Torsional vibrations and shock loads are damped and reduced. Also, the coupling allows for compensation of radial, angular and axial inaccuracies in alignment with extremely low restoring forces.

KTR BoWex-ELASTIC consists of a highly flexible, rubber element made from natural rubber which is governed by the size of the coupling. The internal axial plug-in hub with external spline corresponds to the BoWex basic design. BoWex-ELASTIC is available in different kinds of elastomer hardness with engine flywheel connection flanges to SAE J620 and special dimensions for a power up to 1,000 kW.

For further information on our KTR Coupling range, please contact us:

Telephone: +44 (0) 1663734627 or Email: website@industrialclutch.com

Additional Information

Additional Information

Product Type Coupling
Brand KTR
Industry Applications Generators, Splitterboxes, Water pumps, Piston compressors, Agricultural machines, Mill drives...
Max. RPM 6200
Operating Temperature -40 - +90° C
Torque Rating 70,000 Nm
OEM Numbers
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