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WPT Brakes

Water Cooled Brakes (WCB) with pneumatic or hydraulic type actuation. Spring released or spring applied options, dual set or dual actuated. Water Cooled Brakes are designed for constant slip and severe high heat braking applications.

WPT Power are manufacturers of quality Water Cooled Brakes for the oil & gas, marine and offshore industries. Water Cooled Brakesare available either air-actuated, spring set or a dual actuated for heavy-duty braking and holding applications. WPT Power's Dual Actuated Water Cooled Brakes combine air applied control and spring applied, fail-safe features such as emergency stop or parking features when necessary. Water Cooled Brakes are also available with hydraulic actuation upon special request.

Retrofit kits are available to convert an existing single or dual piston actuated Water Cooled Brake to airtube actuation with no other modifications required.

WPT Power's Caliper Disc Brake is designed to fit on a wide range of applications within the energy, marine, forestry & industrial markets. With disc diameters of 30-60.5” and a maximum of 49,715 Lb-Ft (67,405 N-M) torque it is no wonder the WPT Caliper Brake is the ideal choice for customers around the world.

With the addition of caliper brakes to the already extensive line of WPT Power clutch and brake products, we now offer an even broader range of application choices. IndustrialClutch.com is your number one International Stocking Distributor for all your caliper brake requirements.