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Coremo Pneumatic Brakes

Coremo pneumatic caliper brakes are used in a variety of industrial applications where air pressure is needed to generate a braking force. ICP supply a complete range of Coremo pneumatic caliper brakes, available directly from stock to ensure prompt delivery and reduce machine downtime.

Coremo Pneumatic Brakes

  • Air Applied Pneumatic Caliper Brakes - primarily used for stopping or holding. Forces vary depending on the pressure of the air supplied. The maximum operating pressure is 6 bar and braking force from 0.6kN - 37 kN.
  • Fail-Safe Spring Applied Pneumatic Caliper Brakes - primarily used for emergency and parking. The clamping force for each model is generated by helical springs to provide short reaction times. 
  • Air Applied Combined Dual Caliper Brakes - A combined air and spring-applied pneumatic caliper brake. Ideal for applications that require continuous and emergency braking. Thanks to advanced technical features, a single thruster can manage both braking functions. 
  • Pneumatic SMART & CAB Brakes - Designed to operate according to the application, conditions and technical specifications. Coremo SMART & CAB Brakes offer reliable and safe operation for your application.

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