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Coremo Pneumatic Brakes

Industrial Clutch Parts Ltd. are a supplier of Coremo Pneumatic Caliper Brakes. ICP distribute Coremo Pneumatic Brake Calipers to a variety of industrial applications which use air pressure to operate the braking system. 

Available and stocked in the UK for quick delivery times. ICP have built a reputation for quality products and a quick responsive service. Customer Service and satisfaction is our No.1 priority. All our products are manufactured to the highest specifications and fulfill all design and performance criteria.

Coremo Pneumatic Brake Calipers are available directly from stock in a variety of sizes and models. Coremo Pneumatic Caliper Brake product line includes:

  • Air Applied Pneumatic Caliper Brakes - primarily used for stopping or holding. Forces vary depending on the pressure of the air supplied. The maximum operating pressure is 6 bar and braking force from 0.6kN - 37 kN.
  • Fail-safe Spring Applied Pneumatic Caliper Brakes - primarily used for emergency and parking. The clamping force for each model is generated by helical springs to provide short reaction times. 
  • Air Applied Combined Dual Caliper Brakes - A combined air and spring applied pneumatic caliper brake. Ideal for applications that require continuous and emergency braking. Thanks to advanced technical features, a single thruster can manage both braking functions. 
  • Pneumatic SMART & CAB Brakes - Designed to operate according to the application, conditions and technical specifications. Coremo SMART & CAB Brakes offer a reliable and safe operation for your application.

For further information, please contact our technical support team who will be able to help:

Email: website@industrialclutch.com or Call: +44 1663 734627