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KEB Magnet Technology

KEB Magnet Technology

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KEB Magnet Technology

KEB Magnet Technology Products

Industrial Clutch Parts Ltd. supply a complete range of KEB Magnet Technology Products. Available directly from stock ready for immediate distribution.

KEB Magnet Technology products offer safe braking and holding, precise switching, stopping and positioning, as well as power supplies and switch-gears. The starting, stopping, positioning and safe holding of moving axes in machines is reliably and safely functioned by KEB Magnet Technology Products. KEB solutions range from small to large transmissible torque values of 0.3 to 3,000 Nm.

Our KEB product line consists of:

  • COMBISTOP Spring-applied brakes
  • COMBIPERM Permanent magnet brakes and clutches
  • COMBINORM Electromagnetic clutches and brakes
  • COMBIBOX Clutch-brake combinations
  • COMBITRON Electronic switches and power supplies

ICP hold stock of a large number of KEB products. Allowing us to offer prompt delivery and reduced lead times.

For further information, please contact our technical support team who will be able to help:

Email: website@industrialclutch.com or Call: +44 1663 734627