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KTR Couplings

KTR Couplings

KTR Couplings

Complete range of KTR Couplings available

Industrial Clutch Parts Ltd. distribute a wide range of KTR power transmission couplings, available in all models and sizes for our customer's requirements. ICP can offer short lead times and fast delivery directly from stock, ensuring we always offer quick and reliable services.

KTR Couplings keeps things moving in power transmission technology. As the world’s leading provider in this sector, KTR are constantly providing vital impetus and setting technical standards. KTR Couplings are ideal for almost any power transmission machinery on the market. 

ICP are able to offer a full range of KTR Couplings. Our KTR product line includes:

  • ROTEX Couplings
  • POLY-NORM Couplings
  • POLY Couplings
  • REVOLEX Couplings
  • BoWex Couplings
  • GEARex Couplings
  • RADEX Couplings
  • RIGIFLEX Couplings
  • MONOLASTIC Couplings
  • TOOLFLEX Couplings
  • COUNTEX Couplings

For further information on our KTR Coupling range, please contact us:

Email: website@industrialclutch.com or Call: +44 1663 734627