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Simplatroll Replacement Miniature Clutches & Brakes

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Simplatroll Replacement Miniature Clutches & Brakes

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Code: Miniature Clutch & Brake
Brand: Intorq

Industrial Clutch Parts Ltd. supply a complete range of replacement Simplatroll Miniature Clutches and Brakes. Available directly from stock. Our large stock ensures prompt delivery and reduced lead times.

Miniature Clutches and Brakes offer very fast operating times, with zero residual torque when disengaged for long service operations.


  • Torque: 0.3 - 3.6 Nm.
  • Manufactured by Lenze, Intorq & Simplatroll
  • Easily maintained

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Replacement Simplatroll Minature Clutches & Brakes 

Magneta electromagnetic clutches and brakes from Lenze transmit torque through dry running friction material. With DC voltage applied, the torque is transmitted without backlash. Using the pre-stressed spring of the armature, a release, free of residual torque is ensured. These clutches and brakes can be installed in any mounting position and hardly need any maintenance.

Available in a standard of ranges from 0.3 to 3.6Nm. They are practically maintenance free with a long life. Magneta electromagnetic clutches & brakes transmit torque by friction during dry running under voltage. When switched off, the release is free of residual torque via a tensioned annular spring. They are used wherever mass in motion must be slowed or accelerated quickly.

Clutch-brake units consist of an electromagnetic clutch and brake mounted in a single housing. They are used throughout the mechanical engineering industry wherever production is sequenced cyclically. Tooth clutches transmit high to very high torques by mechanical locking. Engagement is by DC voltage and sizes are compact. Tooth engagement should be at low speeds.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Product Type Clutch or Brake
Brand Intorq
PDF Catalogue PDF Download Download
Actuation Method Electric
Actuation Type Active
Compares With Simplatroll
Clutch Type Miniature
Torque Rating 0.3 - 3.6 Nm
OEM Numbers
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