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WPT Pilotless Mechanical PTO

Master European Distributor for WPT Mechanical PTO Clutches

Industrial Clutch Parts Ltd. is the number one distributor for WPT Power Corp. Together, ICP and WPT have built an international reputation for excellence in the mechanical power transmission industry.

WPT Pilotless Mechanical Power Take-offs are designed to eliminate the flywheel pilot bearing and increase the side load capacity over previous generations of PTO products. WPT provides a product with proven field performance in heavy-duty applications.

ICP supply an extensive range of WPT Pilotless Mechanical PTO Clutches. It is an ideal solution for customers who require a durable product that is tough enough to meet the high demands of wood chippers, rock crushers, asphalt grinders, pavement milling machines, water blasters, irrigation pumps, paver units and other industrial and construction applications.

ICP offers a wide range of sizes, available directly from stock, for OEM applications and aftermarket retrofits. WPT Pilotless Mechanical Power Take Off Clutch will optimise your cost by reducing inventory, increasing uptime and engine life, and simplifying installation time.

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