Coremo Cast Iron Hat Discs

Brand: Coremo
Code: Coremo Cast Iron Hat Discs
Industrial Clutch Parts supply Coremo Cast Iron Hat Discs as well as steel flat discs, with or without hub. Such discs are available in standard version or customised in dimensions and machining. Please contact us for special sizes which we can produce on request.
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Coremo Cast Iron Hat Discs Industrial Clutch Parts supplies a broad range of brake discs. Cast Iron Hat Discs are available directly from stock. Our large stock of brake discs enables short lead times and avoids expensive machine downtime. Product codes: A1302, A1303, A1311, A1304, A1305, A1306, A1307, A1308, A1309, A3158, A3159

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Product Brake Disc
Brand Coremo
Disc Thickness 12.7 mm, 25.4 mm
Heat Dissipation Capacity Max Temp: 170 degrees
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