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Permanent Magnet Brake with Hub - PMBA

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Permanent Magnet Brake with Hub - PMBA

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Code: ICP-1511


  • Fast response, no residual drag torque from springs
  • Zero backlash due to diaphragm type armature
  • Quick operation
  • Compact size of brake with high torque capacity

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Braking force is generated by permanent magnets. No springs are used. Zero backlash and no drag torque are key advantages of PMBA brakes.


  • Brake Operation:
    When the current is cut off, the magnetic force of the permanent magnet engages an armature plate and produces rated torque.
  • Brake Release:
    When the coil is energised, the excitation voltage reaches a certain level. The magnetic force of the permanent magnet will be neutralised by the reverse pole of magnetic force generated from the coil. The induction force between an armature plate and the yoke will also disappear which releases the brake.


  1. Axial float of machine shaft should not exceed 0.05mm
  2. Ensure a consistent flat and smooth power supply i.e. pure DC voltage or fully rectified AC supply
  3. Make sure the brakes are used in dry conditions. If metal filings or dust are present in the area make sure to enclose the brake in a dust proof housing
  4. Initial torque may be less than catalogue specification. In this case operate the brake in dynamic conditions (30 - 60 rpm) for up to 50 cycles until friction faces are burnished
  5. PMBA brakes can operate in 0 - 40°C ambient. Avoid extreme temperatures and humidity


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