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Coremo ID 1500N Spring Applied Hydraulic Brake

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Coremo ID 1500N Spring Applied Hydraulic Brake

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Code: ICP-383
Brand: Coremo

Coremo ID 1500N Hydraulic Brake

The Coremo ID2000N hydraulic brake is processed by cup springs which generates a continuous clamping force. 

The hydraulic operating system releases the brake by compressing the springs inside the thruster.

  • Braking Force: 20.000N to 45.000N.



Coremo failsafe brake ID 1500N

ID 1500N brake acts as a safety brake or used for parking and holding.

This product is ideal for highly dynamic stops at a very competitive price level. Suitable for seaport and marine applications, lifting systems and conveyors, mining and oil.


  • Compact brake design

  • Medium braking force: 50000 N

  • Large pad area: 486 cm²

  • Minimum release pressure: 120 bar

  • Max pressure: 200 bar

  • Max total wear: 18 mm

  • Thickness of new lining : 14 mm

Additional Information

Additional Information

Product Type Brake
Actuation Method Hydraulic
Actuation Type Active
Braking Force 20.000N to 45.000N
Brake Type Disc
Compares With Dellner, Twiflex
Friction Material Type Organic
OEM Numbers
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